Culebra is known for its spectacular award winning beaches. In fact, Culebra's Flamenco Beach was recently voted as the #1 beach destination by The Travel Channel; pack your flip flops and sunglasses, sink your feet into the white sand, and feel your stress melt away.

Take your next vacation to the beautiful Isla de Culebra (Island of Culebra), Puerto Rico or as it is also known by the locals as the Spanish Virgin Islands (SVI).

Culebra is one of the last remaining islands surrounded by pristine coral reefs where you still experience the Caribbean as nature intended it to be.

Culebra lies approximately 17 miles east of Puerto Rico, 14 miles west of St. Thomas and 6 miles north of Vieques. Its total area, including surrounding Cays, is 7,000 acres. It was first settle by the Spanish in 1886 and became part of the United States in 1898. Culebra has always been the best kept secret, even back in the days of swashbuckling Sir Henry Morgan and other notorious pirates who used the islands for their hideouts.

The fact that the U.S. Navy used the islands for bombing practice until just a few years ago resulted in pristine, deserted white unspoiled sandy beaches; crystal clear turquoise waters, and healthy intact reefs full of fish & coral.

Culebra is seven miles long and three miles wide, surrounded by miles of deserted beaches and beautiful coral reefs With temperatures during the days ranging between 80 - 95 and nights from 75 - 85, Culebra always feels perfect!

U.S. currency, no passport or visa needed from USA. The local language in Culebra is Spanglish, a charming combination of Puerto Rican Spanish and East Coast North America English.

Mamacitas offers you relaxing Culebra lodging and an exciting and personal change-of-pace. Our warm and friendly staff will make your Culebra accommodation satisfyingly memorable. Your Culebra vacation awaits!

Mamacita's Culebra Adventures Include:

  • Casual dining in our gourmet culebra restaurant.
  • Dancing to Congas (WIKI Sound Machine) on Saturday nights and to a local DJ on Friday nights. There is a fiesta with dancing and music every night at Mamacita's.
  • Bushwhacking at Mamacita's Caribbean bar - every afternoon and evening. Remember to ask for whipped cream.
  • Telling stories at the Liar's Table you do not have to lie; but believe everything others are telling you.
  • Romancing on your annual honeymoon.
  • Relaxing on your balcony and counting the boats anchored in Ensenada Honda, the deep lagoon.
  • Culturing with friendly and special Culebra islanders, "Culebrenses", who offer an interesting and unique comparative lifestyle. Unlike large resorts and hotels throughout the world -- on Culebra, you have more opportunities to visit with the local people because there are proportionately fewer tourists.
  • Taking a Siesta in your air-conditioned bedroom.

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